Animate Videos - Captions are Available If Viewed in Canvas but You Must Turn them on using cc icon

1. Animate 2020 Description
2. Animate 2020 Preferences
3. Shape Tweens Part 1
4. Shape Tweens - Alternate Ways to Do Them
5. Adding Shape Hints to Shape Tween
6. Multiple Tweens at the Same Time
7. Modify>Timeline>Distribute to Keyframes
8. Appearance of Instances of a Symbol, Editing in Place
9. Animation Inside Graphic Symbols
10. Button Symbols
11. Buttons in a Navigation Bar
12. Adding Sound to a Button
13. Movie Clip Symbols
14. Classic Tween with Guide Layer
15. Tweening Multiple Images Simultaneously
16. Convert an Image to a Symbol Before Tweening
17. Masks and Tweening of Masks
Revised: March 28, 2020