Animate Assignment 1

You may do this assignment in any of the following versions of Animate. I would recommend doing it in the 2020 version because it is the latest version and access to it will likely be easier than accessing the 2018 version.

1. Create a new .fla file using the HTML5 Canvas format. Set the document properties to a size of 1200 pixels wide, 800 pixels high, and a frame rate of 24 frames per second. Choose either a transparent background or some background color other than white. The format, document size, and frame rate can be set when you first create the document. These properties and the background can be set inside the document by choosing Modify>Document.

2. Create a frame-by-frame animation or a tween consisting of 24 or more frames where there is a change in content among at least some of the frames. You can make this very simple or more complicated, whatever you choose. You may want to use one or more of the tools we have studied and any of the techniques we have studied.

3. Save the .fla file with an filename equal to your lastname in a folder called hw6.

4. Choose File>Publish Settings. and click on HTML Wrapper at the left so that the Loop timeline checkbox will be visible on the right. Uncheck the checkbox so that your animation will only loop once. Click on Publish to generate the html, JavaScript file, and the images folder.

5. Upload the hw6 folder to your mydrive webspace.

5. Zip the hw6 folder (containing the fla file, the html file, the .js file, and the images folder) and attach the zip file against the assignment on Canvas. Note: if Animate did not create an images folder; do not worry about it; whether or not it is generated may depend on what is in your animation or what version of Animate you are using.

6. In a text file that you attach to Canvas or in comments in Canvas, briefly explain your animation and what tools or techniques you used.


Although you will not be graded on how good things look (this isn't an art class), remember that outside of this class, it will matter.

The most helpful items on the schedule page for this assignment will be the first three writeups on Animate that are linked to from the schedule page.- i.e.

You may also find the first two Animate videos useful - you can find them in Canvas or on the class website at

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