ITE 170 Fall 2018 Final Study Guide

In addittion to the terms you should understand, the following may be helpful to you in preparing for the final

I think if you practice creating the items below, you will probably be better off than trying to memorize things.


  1. Create a site definition
  2. Dreamweaver features which depend on having a site defined
  3. Creation of relative and absolute links
  4. Insertion of inline images
  5. Creating CSS styles and applying them to html elements
  6. Use of fragment identifiers


  1. Create a frame by frame animation
  2. Create a shape tween
  3. Create a symbol
  4. Create an instance of a symbol
  5. Do a classic tween
  6. Create a button symbol
  7. Display a .swf on a web page


  1. Crop an image
  2. Resize an image
  3. Change the canvas size
  4. Make selections
  5. Zoom in and out

Premiere Pro

  1. Create a project file
  2. Import movie clips or images into the project
  3. Put imported assets into a sequence
  4. Export a sequence to an mp4 file
  5. Display an exported movie on a web page
Revised: December 5, 2018