Hoonuit Videos

You can access Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning) videos on a variety of subjects directly from Blackboard. At the main Blackboard screen, the link to Hoonuit is in the middle of the three columns about half-way down (see diagram below)


Within Hoonuit, you can search by topic. These searches revealed the following for Adobe software for ITE 170.

Each course consists of a series of short videos - e.g. the Animate CC 2018 - Basics consists of 64 videos, each about 2-4 minutes long. The software keeps track of which videos you've watched and these are marked in a list of the videos in the course with a short description so you can easily see which videos you have already watched and which you might want to watch. When you select a video, there is a transcription of the video at the bottom of the screen so you can quickly scan the transcription to see if you want to watch the video. I found the videos in the Animate Basics course to be very helpful.

Revised: November 5, 2018, comments to William Pegram, wpegram@nvcc.edu