[Create a document that looks like the following. Where something is shown in brackets, like this sentence, do not include those words or the brackets but follow the directions or enter the information that applies to you.  The comments in bold are the grading criteria and should not appear in your document. 12 total points]

[Your Name - 1 pt]
[Class Start Time - no blank line between name and class start time - 2pt]

ITE 115 Assignment 1 [this should be centered - 1pt]

[If you are working, write a 3 sentence paragraph about your job. If not, write a 3 sentence paragraph about what you enjoy doing. The only time you should use the enter key is to end the paragraph. - 2pts]

[Write another 3 sentence paragraph about what you are studying at NVCC - 2 pts ]

[In the last paragraph, emphasize one or more words by making them bold - 1 pt.]

[The last paragraph should be in a different font than the first paragraph - 1pt and should be double-spaced - 1pt.

[Insert a Watermark (such as Draft) on the page using Quick Parts>Building Block Organizer. - 1 pt]

[Insert a page border on the page - 1pt]

[Print the document and submit the paper.  If you aren't in class, you mail email me (pegramite115@gmail.com) the document as an attachment. Only use this address for submitting homework; other email should be sent to wpegram@nvcc.edu]

Revised: September 22, 2008