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Home Page, Linking, Biography, Image, CSS Assignment (revised Spring 2012)

Before You Get Started - Be Organized - Put all your files for this assignment in a folder and put nothing else in this folder.

In this assignment you will create two web pages and an external stylesheet. You must create these in a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++.

Requirements for the home page (25 points total)

This home page will have links to work you do in this class. I will assume the location of this home page will be at the root directory of the URL specified for you on the student page at www,billpegram.com unless you email me otherwise. For example, if you do not want the home page of your student site to be devoted to this class, you may put all the files for this class in a folder within your site and then you would email me the URL of that folder. Thus your home page should have links to your work.

Requirements for the bio page (40 points)

Requirements for both pages (15 points)

Requirements for the external stylesheet (15 points)

When you are done, FTP all four files (the two html files, the image file, and the external CSS file) to your web space.  Test to see that it works by clicking on the link to your site at www.billpegram.com -- once it works, submit the URL via Blackboard. Ideally, you should test it from a computer different than the one you used so as to detect any references to the hard drives or flash drives.

I will not grade it until I receive your Blackboard submission and I will not grade files that are attached to the Blackboard submission - FTPing is an essential web skill and there are several typical mistakes that one will make, so it is important to get these mostly out of your system before your final project and before you enter the workforce.

Tips If You Have Problems

Revised: February 6, 2012. Comments to William Pegram, wpegram@nvcc.edu