Forms Exercise

1. Do a web page with a form.  The form can be related to your project or be something entirely different.  Briefly explain on the web page what the purpose of the form is.  

2. The form should have at least five different kind of form elements (e.g. textbox, checkbox, etc.), one of which should be a submit or image button.  You can use some elements more than once.  The ACTION attribute of the form should email the results of the form to your email address or you may try using a CGI script that is remotely hosted by a third party.

3. If the form doesn't look so great (e.g., alignment), consider using a table. 

4. Upload the page to your site and put a link to it from your home page.

You will not be graded on the following, but you should try it anyway!

Go to the form on the internet, fill out the form, and submit it.  If the MAILTO attribute for links does not generally work from the user's computer, neither will the MAILTO option for the ACTION attribute.  If you have easy access to a computer with internet access where the MAILTO works, try it from there. Then check your email, and see how the information looks.