Revised: June 28, 2002

HTML Editors

HTML editors permit one to create web pages more quickly and with fewer errors than coding the HTML in an editor such as Notepad.  The downside is that one doesn't learn HTML syntax as well.  Most people who do web pages probably create a page using an HTML editor but make some changes by editing the HTML.  I have used the following editors:

Free editors:

Editors which cost $100 and up

There are other editors used by professionals which are priced over $100, but I have not used them. There are in addition a number of editors which are priced under $50 or $100, and which one can find advertised at computer stores.  I have not used any of the latter category but I would guess these are for people who want to create web pages without learning HTML.

Another alternative is using a traditional word processor such as Microsoft Word to create your document and then "Save as HTML".   This feature is supposed to work better in Microsoft Office 2000 than in earlier versions of Office.  If you already have a document in Word, this is the best way to convert it to the web.  The disadvantage of this  approach is that the HTML produced is quite complicated and thus difficult to edit.