Linking Logo Exercise

Do the following, put a link on your home page to it, and FTP the page, the images (don't forget them!), and your revised home page to your web site.  The number of points for each part is shown in parentheses.

Note: Do not need email me that your assignment is ready for grading, unless it is late.  If it is late, do not put a link from your home page on the internet until it is finished.  When you do finish, create the link and then email me that it's done. 

1. Download logos from 3 different web sites and display them in a web page.  (2) Display each image at its natural size using height, width, and alt attributes in the <img> tag for each image.  (1)

2. Make each of the logos a link to the home page of the organization (corresponding to the logo).  (2) Thus if you had downloaded the Microsoft logo, you would link the home page of Microsoft.  Turn off the blue border. (1)

3. Practice using several lines of text to the side of each logo using the align attribute of the <img> tag, the clear attribute of the <br> tag, and the hspace and vspace attributes of the <img> tag. (3)

4. Indicate the precise source of each logo in an HTML comment. (1)