You can download SSH Windows Secure Shell version 3.2.3 for evaluation, noncommercial or university use at as well as other sites. SSH Secure Shell is a replacement for both Telnet and FTP. The download is about 5.7 MB. Using the program involves installation and creating profiles for your various sites to which you want to FTP, just like with WS_FTP LE. Installing the program will create two shortcuts on your desktop - SSH Secure Shell Client (analogous to Telnet) and SSH Secure File Transfer Client (analagous to FTP). These instructions will therefore focus on the latter.

Some instructions for using SSH Secure Shell are provided at

You create a profile for each FTP site:

  1. Start the SSH Secure File Transfer Client
  2. Click on the Profiles icon
  3. Click "Add Profile"
  4. In the Add Profile dialog box, type in a name for the profile (this can be any name) and then click ""Add to Profiles"
  5. Click on the Profiles icon again and then click on the name of the profile you added
  6. In the "Connect to Remote Host" type in the hostname and username and use Default Settings for Authentication Method. Click Connect.
  7. If you see a message saying "Unauthorized Access Prohibited", click OK.

SSH Limitations

SSH Secure Shell does not work with the NVCC faculty or student server in my tests (this was confirmed by email correspondence to William Pegram from NVCC ithelpdesk, August 25, 2004). My tests in August 2004 indicate it also does not work with the Comcast or Ipowerweb servers. The only server I have successfully tested it with is the Mason server.

It is necessary to enter the password every time to connect to the mason server where WS_FTP LE allows the password to be stored on a computer and thus not reentered every time.

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