Table Exercises

Do the following on a single web page and link to it from your main index page, making the link "homework 3" or "tables exercises."  Upload the revised index page and the new web page to the server.  

1. (5 points total) Create a table with one row and three equally-sized columns. (1) The table should span the width of the page. (1)  Put the word "IST 129" in the first column, "Web Page Design" in the second column, and "MW1:30-4:20" in the third columns.  (1) Center each word in each column. (1)  The table should have a border of 5 pixels. (1)

2. (9 points total) Create another table that is 500 pixels wide with two rows and two columns. (1) Make the left column 1/3 the width of the right column; i.e. the first column should be 25% of the width of the table, the right column should be 75% of the width of the table.   (1) 

In the upper left cell put "Attributes of the table tag include bgcolor, border, and width.  (1)
In the upper right cell put "Attributes of the tr tag include align, bgcolor, and valign."  (1)
In the lower left cell put "Attributes of the td tag include align, bgcolor, height, valign, and width (1)   
In the lower right cell put "To specify the font (color, size, and face) within a table, one must put the font tag with its attributes between every td.../td pair.  (1) 

Align the text in each cell to the top of the cell (1)  Turn off the border in the table. (1)  Add a caption to the table.  (1)

3. (4 points total) Create another table with 3 rows and one column.  (1)   Give the entire table a background color of yellow and the top cell a background color of blue (1)  Create 5 pixels of blank space between the rows (1).  Turn off the border. (1)