Revised February 11, 2004


Tables to have things vertically aligned that aren't at the left side of the page (things that are left-aligned on a page are already vertically aligned)

Tables to create a table, i.e. to create a relationship between items across rows and down columns, e.g. in a resume or syllabus

Tables to control placement of multiple pictures on a page:

Tables to place a set of links in a column on left with content in a column on right, or to use different background colors for part of a page

Tables to put things in several columns to take up less vertical space and thereby reduce the need to scroll

Use of tables within tables to accomplish two or more of these functions:

Tables to simulate buttons (using cellspacing, background color for cells, and turning off underlining using style sheets)

Tables to have different horizontal alignments within the same line

Tables to align text and images