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EDIT 530 Section 5T1, Scripting and Programming: JavaScript

George Mason University, Tuesdays 4:30-7:10pm, January 23 - April 3, 2007 (no class March 13), Commerce II, Room 101, 2 credits

Instructor: Dr. William M. Pegram, wpegram@gmu.edu

Web Site for Class: www.billpegram.com

Course Description

This course covers the key aspects of JavaScript which is used on most web pages. Because JavaScript is used in conjunction with HTML and CSS, this course assumes some familiarity with those topics. Student background will be assessed in the first class meeting and the class schedule will be adjusted accordingly.


You will only need a browser and text editor. It is useful to have both Internet Explorer and Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox available for testing and understanding error messages, and it is useful to have a text editor with line numbers, since error messages will reference the line number.

Office Hours: Before or after class.  Other times by appointment.

Communication with Instructor: In addition to office hours, all class periods will have time for substantial one-on-one assistance from the instructor.  Asking questions in this way is generally more efficient than email.  


New Perspectives on JavaScript: Comprehensive by Patrick Carey and Frank Canovatchel, Thomson Course Technology, 2006, ISBN 0-619-26797-6. Student datafiles for this book are available for download at www.course.com/catalog/downloads.cfm?isbn=0-619-26797-6. Course handouts and assignments will be available on www.billpegram.com

Required Host for Web Page:

If you will not be hosting yoiur work on the Mason server, please email me the URL where I can find your work.     

Grading Policy:

Midterm (20%), Homework (40%), and Final/Project (40%). 

Revised: January 23, 2007