EDIT 530 Project

1. The project has two parts - creating one or more web pages using techniques covered in this class and description of what you have done. The web page(s) can be on a topic, or simply to demonstrate some techniques learned in the class.

2. If your project includes or is based on work that existed before the beginning of the semester, please indicate this. If you have a copy of the site as it existed at the beginning of the semester, that's great; if not, describe the changes you made as best you can.

3. Whether you do something new or modify something in existence, the description of what you did is important.  In this description you should discuss techniques, but you could also discuss any problems you encountered or how you might do it differently if you had it to do all over again.  This description can be an .html file, Word document, etc. .  

4. Don't feel compelled to demonstrate most or all of the techniques we learned in class; just doing a few is OK.

5. The instructor will evaluate your project on a Windows PC in Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox 2.0. If you want the software to be evaluated on any other platform, please consult with the instructor.

When you are done, FTP the site and your description to your website and the description.  I will be happy to provide assistance to you in doing the project both via email and extra lab sessions.  Any assistance you receive from anyone else or parts of the project which aren't your own work should be discussed in your description.  

Revised: March 20, 2007; Comments to William M. Pegram, bill@billpegram.com