IST 227 Schedule

This schedule will be changed often.  If you miss a class, please check on the web for the most recent schedule.  

Date Topics Reading related to Topics/Homework Due
Week 1 (8/28) Class Organization, Accessing NOVA Email, FTP Instructions, Putting JavaScript in Web Pages, User Input and Displaying Results Gosselin, Tutorial 1
Week 2 (9/4) Variables, Functions, Objects, and Events; Changing the Status Line; Code Sample for status and defaultStatusImagemap HTML, Imagemap Rollovers Gosselin, Tutorial 2
Week 3 (9/11) School closed 
Week 4 (9/18) Data Types and Operators, Decision Making with Control Structures and Statements, Code Sample Gosselin, Tutorial 3 and Tutorial 4
Week 5 (9/25) Windows and Frames; Frames to Pass Values Example and Code Gosselin, Tutorial 5,  JavaScript Calculator (Assignment 1)
Week 6 (10/2) Forms, Select Code Sample, Another Example, Forms with JavaScript
Gosselin, Tutorial 6, Windows Object Exercises (Assignment 2)
Week 7 (10/9) Non-instructional day -- no classes
Week 8 (10/16) Stylesheets, Dynamic HTML and Animation;  DHTML Example and Code, Relative and Absolute Positioning Example and Code; ImagePage Gosselin, Tutorial 7, Forms Exercise (Assignment 3)
Week 9 (10/23) Midterm
Week 10 (10/30) Review Midterm, String Methods, Cookies, Date Object, and Security, Cookie Code Sample Gosselin, Tutorial 8, Form Validation/ DHTML Assignment (Assignment 4)
Week 11 (11/6) Debugging, Netscape JavaScript Debugger Download, IE Script Debugger DownloadIE Script Debugger Documentation Gosselin, Tutorial 9, Date Assignment (Assignment 5)
Week 12 (11/13) Server-Side JavaScript, Microsoft Personal Web Server Download; Brinkster Free ASP Hosting Service, ASP Code Examples Gosselin, Tutorial 10; Cookies Assignment (Assignment 6)
Week 13 (11/20) Database Connectivity, Chavez ASP Example, Chavez ASP Source Code, Chavez ASP E Commerce Site Gosselin, Tutorial 11, Query String Assignment
Week 14 (11/27) Working with Java Applets and Embedded Data, Java 2 SDK Download, Math Object, Accessing Java Applets with JavaScript  (Netscape 6.1 requires Java plugin for this to work), Using Packages object (Netscape only), Controlling Flash Movie as Plugin with JavaScript (not working in Netscape 6.1); Controlling Flash Movie as Active X Control with JavaScript (requires plugin to work in Netscape) Gosselin, Tutorial 12, Appendix A-D
Week 15 (12/4) Miscellaneous Topics, Text "Imagemap" Example, Course evaluation Gosselin, 
Week 16 (12/11) Final Project due (fix date)

Assignments from IST195 (to be modified given different sequencing of topics in Gosselin)

Status/setTimeout/Popup Assignment
Image Rollover Assignment

Topics to be added to syllabus:

JavaScript Examples
Imagemap Hierarchical Menu Example
Images for Imagemap Example

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