Revised: September 24, 2009

This schedule will be revised throughout the semester. The current copy can be found at and on Blackboard. Chapter references are to Schwalbe text.

Week Topic Reading/Assignment
Session 1
Sept. 4
Course Information, Introduction to Project Management, Formation of Case Teams Chapter 1
Session 2
Sept. 11
The Project Management and Information Technology Context; Project Management Process Groups: A Case Study, and templates Chapter 2, 3
Session 3 Sept 18 Project Integration Management Chapter 4, Case: Singapore Tradenet
Session 4 Sept 25 Project Scope Management, Project Time Management Chapter 5, 6
Session 5
October 2
Introduction to Microsoft Project ((MSDNAA GMU) - Entering Work Breakdown Structure, Durartions for Tasks, Dependencies, and Cost and Resource Information in Microsoft Project Case: A&D High Tech A (no presentation), Appendix A
Session 6
October 9
Project Cost Management, Chapter 7, Case: BAE Automated Systems (A),
Session 7 October 16 first midterm (Chapters 1-7, Appendix A1-78, cases to date), Project Quality Management Chapter 8

Session 8 October 23

Project Human Resource Management, Chapter 9, Case: Microsoft Office 2000

Session 9
October 30

Project Communications Management Chapter 10, Case: Managing Conflict in a Diverse Workplace
Session 10
Nov. 6
Project Risk Management, Entering Actuals into Microsoft Project, Earned Value Analysis Chapter 11, Case: A&D High Tech B (no presentation)
Session 11
Nov. 13
  Case: The Rise and Fall of Iridium, Case: Microsoft Office 2007

Session 12
Nov. 20

Second midterm, Project Procurement Management

Chapter 12

Session 13
Dec. 4
Project Management Certifications Appendix B

Session 14
Dec. 11

Session 15
Dec. 18
Final Exam