Revised: July 13, 2009

This schedule will be revised throughout the semester with additional case material and other assignments added. The current copy can be found at Chapter references are to Schwalbe text.

Week Topic Reading/Assignment
Session 1
June 2
Course Information, Introduction to Project Management, Formation of Case Teams Chapter 1
Session 2 June 4 The Project Management and Information Technology Context Process Groups: A Case Study, and templates Chapter 2, 3
Session 3 June 9 Project Integration Management Chapter 4, Case: Singapore Tradenet
Session 4 June 11 Project Scope Management, MSDNAA GMU Chapter 5
Session 5
June 16
Introduction to Microsoft Project - Entering Work Breakdown Structure and Durartions for Tasks in Microsoft Project (lab in Innovation Hall Room 327) Case: BAE Automated Systems (A), Appendix A. pp. A1-34.
Session 6
June 18
Meet in Innovation Hall Room 330 at 7:20, Project Time Management, Entering Task Dependencies in Microsoft Project (lab) Chapter 6, Case: BAE Automated Systems (B), Appendix A. pp. A35-49
Session 7 June 23 Meet in Innovation Hall Room 222 at 7:20, first midterm (Chapters 1-6, Appendix A1-49, cases to date), Chapter 7

Session 8 June 25

Meet in Innovation Hall Room 222 at 7:20, Project Quality Management, Entering Cost and Resource Information in Microsoft Project (lab) Case: A&D High Tech (A), Chapter 8, Appendix A, pp. A49-78.

Session 9
June 30

Project Human Resource Management Chapter 9
Session 10
July 2
Project Communications Management Chapter 10, Case: Managing Conflict in a Diverse Workplace (parts I-III), Microsoft Project Analysis - Part A due
Session 11
July 7
Instructor lecture postponed due to projector difficulties Chapter 11, Case: Managing Conflict in a Diverse Workplace (parts IV-VII)

Session 12 July 9

Meet in Robinson B 104 at 7:20. Presentation by Army Project Manager. We will leave about 8:15PM to regular classroom for Project Risk Management


Session 13 July 14 Meet in Innovation Hall Room 327, Second midterm, Project Procurement Management Case: The Rise and Fall of Iridium (both groups), Chapter 12

Session 14
July 16

Project Management Certifications Microsoft Project Analysis - Part B due, Appendix B, Case: Timberjack Parts
Session 15
July 21
Final Exam (Innovation Hall Room 327)