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August 27, 2020

Northern Virginia Community College - Annandale Campus

ITD 110 - Web Page Design T 7:30PM - 10:25PM, synchronous Zoom, Fall 2020 (3 credits), Office Hours Thursday 7-8pm, Friday 1-2pm

Web Site for Class: www.billpegram.com

Course Content

The primary emphasis of ITD 110 is on HTML and CSS, that is, the basic coding used in web pages. Lesser emphasis will be on the process of developing a web site, web design principles, page layout, image formats, accessibility, and copyright issues. Coding is done in a text editor. There will be nothing on server-side programming and probably nothing on client-side scripting (JavaScript).

ITE 170, Multimedia Software, which is also a 3 credit course, covers the same topics as ITD 110. But since ITE 170 also has taught the use of four Adobe programs - Dreamweaver, Animate, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro - the ITD110 topics are covered in less detail in ITE 170.


All software for this course is free. Various text editors will be introduced such as Notepad and Notepad++ (Windows only), Brackets, Atom, Sublime Text, and Visual Studio Code.


Required: HTML 5 and CSS Comprehensive by Patrick Carey, Cengage, ISBN 978-0-357-10714-0. Homework will consist almost entirely of exercises and projects from this text and MindTap, so other books will not be satisfactory for this course. I plan to cover almost all of Chapters 1-8, although some topics may be skipped to instead be covered in ITD 210. I plan to skip Chapters 9-10 which deal with JavaScript which is taught in ITP 140 (Client-side Scripting) and ITP 225 (Web Scripting Languages).

Although I will edit the textbook PowerPoints to make them as useful as possible, they are not a substitute for reading the book material.

Because MindTap is an essential part of this course, you will want to get a Cengage Unlimited subscription which comes with MindTap. If you are paying for this with financial aid, you will want to purchase this through the NVCC bookstore which provides for 1-semester access (4 months) to all Cengage eTextbooks and platforms (such as MindTap). If you are not paying with financial aid, you have three alternatives.

o    1-semester access (4 months) $119.99
o    1-year access (12 months) $179.99
o    2-year access (24 months) $239.99

To assist you in making the choice among these three alternatives, you may want to consider what courses you are likely to take in the next year or two.

If not purchasing through the NVCC bookstore, use the following steps:

  1. Go to cengage.com and login if you already have a cengage account or create one.
  2. Enter 978-0-357-10714-0 for your book
  3. You then will have a choice between a 14-day free trial or purchase a subscription. On the subscription page, if you want the 1 year or 2 year subscription, click the dropdown arrow to see these choices.

The 1-year and 2-year options are not available at the bookstore. If you have already purchased a Cengage subscription through the bookstore, you may be able to get a refund. Their refund policy is at https://www.nvcc.edu/bookstore/Textbook-Refunds-for-Bookstore.pdf

In addition to the e-Textbooks, you get four free hardcopy textbook rentals, just $7.99 shipping and handling each. To request this, when you have accessed MindTap, you will see a tool bar on the right hand side of the screen. You will be able to select “Print Options” and request the rental.


Late homework outside of MindTap and late MindTap assignments I grade will not be accepted but your two lowest homework grades will be dropped; this policy of dropping the two lowest two grades is designed to cover illness, computer problems, work or family responsibilities, etc. so exceptions to this policy will not be granted.

You must submit your homework so that the files can be read on a Windows machine. Thus if you are using a Mac, you must do any necessary conversion of the files. If you are required to submit a zipped folder, make sure that whatever you submit can be opened by WinZip.

There will be assignments in MindTap which are graded by MindTap; these will have a more flexible due date policy.


60% tests (at least a midterm and a final), 40% homework which will include a final project.


If you miss class, please check the schedule page on the class website and Canvas for material covered that day and any changes to the schedule, including new assignments.  All class meetings will be recorded and will be available on Canvas Wednesday morning. However, I strongly encourage you to attend the live presentation for several reasons: that way it gets done, rather than being on your watch list; you have the opportunity to ask questions, and occasionally I may make mistakes such as forgetting to click the record button if I've paused recording.


Canvas will play a centrol role in this course. See https://www.nvcc.edu/canvas/index.html for information on Canvas

Office Hours

Office hours will be done through Zoom. The times will be posted in Canvas; they are not posted here since they may change due to student feedback. The advantage of meeting during regular office hours is that the Zoom sessions can be set up for weeks at a time. However, if the scheduled time is not convenient for you, email me and I can arrange a special Zoom session for that. If you wish to attend regular office hours on a particular day, email me and I will respond suggesting you show up at a particular time. That way it will avoid either of us waiting around.

VCCS Email Address

I will email you at the email address on my class list which is your VCCS email address. Please remember to include your name and class in all emails to me at wpegram@nvcc.edu. If you send messages to me from Canvas, this information is automatically supplied. I will respond to emails sent from another email address unless it relates to a grade.

Academic Integrity

On homework assignments and projects, students may ask for and receive some assistance from others, unless otherwise directed by the instructor.  Yet those helping a student should avoid "doing the work" for the student.

Unless specifically stated in the assignment, students may work together to complete an assigment. However my experience is that students who turn in essentially identical work on an assignment tend not to do well on subsequent tests either because they have not learned the material or are too reliant on another person. 

No assistance is permitted on exams and your use of the computer may be monitored. The college policy on student conduct is found at www.nvcc.edu/students/handbook/conduct.html. Students will be requ;ired to show a student ID for exams.

Cheating on a test will result in a grade of 0 on the test. Cheating on a subsequent test will result in a grade of F for the course. Cheating may be reported to the Division Dean and the Annandale Judicial Affairs Officer.


For fall semeser, professors have been asked to specify their proctoring policy at the beginning of the course so that students can choose another course if they so desire. In the last few years, NVCC has had a policy of "on-time registration" which means that you cannot register for a full semester course after the semester begins. However, this semester you may register for a class during the first week of classes.

On multiple choice/true-false exams, I intend to use the Respondus Lockdown Browser and the Respondus Monitor. I have not used these before. The former limits you to the browser and the latter monitors you through your webcam. Several weeks before the test, we will do a practice session to identify any technology issues. Some tests will be "hands-on" where you will be asked to work in a text editor, monitoring you through a webcam is my intended approach for these. When monitoring is done through a webcam, I will disable student virtual backgrounds.

Dropping and Withdrawal from the Class:

Thursday, September 10th is the last day to drop a 15 week class and get a tuition refunds (use NovaConnect) or to switch to audit (which requires my signature).   Friday, October 30 is the last day to withdraw without grade penalty in a 16 week course. The award of W after the last day to withdraw REQUIRES official documentation and the Dean's signature which is very difficult to get.

If a student does not attend at least one class meeting via Zoom by September 10, his/her class registration will be administratively deleted. This means that there will be no record of the class or any letter grade on the student’s transcript. Furthermore, the student’s class load will be reduced by the course credits, and this may affect his/her full-time or part-time student status. Tuition will not be refunded.

Disability Accommodation

Because the Testing Centers are not available this semester, accommodation has to be done in a different way this semester, so please email me your accommodation form as early as possible.

Student Success Tips