Getting to Know You Assignment - Chapter 1

Submit an Excel spreadsheet against the assignment on Canvas that does the following.

  1. In cell A1 put your name.
  2. Merge and center your name across cells a1-c1
  3. In separate rows in Column A, put the following:
    Number of Class Hours Per Week in Zoom classes - you may lump these together or list them separately - e.g. to keep things simple, you would enter 3 for this class
    Number of Class Hours Per Week in Face-to-Face classes - you may lump these together or list them separately - again, use the number of units for the class
    In approximately 4 additional rows list other activities that are you - e.g. job (be specific), exercise (be specific), a hobby, etc.
  4. In column B, put the approximate number of hours per week for each of the activities in column A and then calculate by formula or function the sum for all activities. If a class will meet for less than 15 weeks, estimate the number of hours if it were a 15-week class.
  5. In column C, calculate the percentage of hours for your first activity in column A. You should be able to copy this cell to the remaining activities and the percentages should be correct. If your percentages aren't correct, you haven't correctly written the formula for the first activity. Express the percentage with one decimal point beyond the period.
  6. Using a function or a formula, calculate the sum of the percentages; the sum should be 100%.
  7. Columns B and C should have appropriate names at the top.
  8. with the exception of your name, numbers and text should be left-aligned, as shown below
  9. Save the file, using any filename you like.

    The spreadsheet might look something like this - it would not have a row with A, B, C but instead these would be the column headings.

    Bill Pegram
      Hours Percentage
    Number of Class Hours in Zoom Classes 6 25.7%
    Number of Class Hours in Face-to-Face Classes 3 12.8%
    Swimming 2.1 9.0%
    Riding Stationary Bike 4.7 20.1%
    Walking 2.3 9.9%
    Reading Newspaper 5.25 22.5%
    Total 22.4 100.0%

    Modified: August 30, 2021