Project 3B Key Points

  1. Using Parentheses in a Formula to Calculate a Percentage Rate of Increase

    Order of operations - in this order
    1. within parentheses
    2. exponentiation
    3. multiplication and division
    4. addition and subtraction
    5. consecutive operators with the same level of precedence are calculated from left to right

    Examples of order of operations (Excel examples would refer to a cell; these examples use the same operators as Excel):
    C = (F-32)*5/9
    F = C * 9/5 + 32 or F = C * (9/5) + 32
    area = PI() * r ^ 2 or area = PI() * (radius^2)

    It never hurts to add parentheses to make clear the order of evaluation, even if the parentheses don't change it.
  2. rate = amount of increase/base
  3. Using Format Painter - Point to a cell, right-click, on the mini-toolbar, click Format Painter and then click on the destination cell to copy the formatting
  4. Calculating a Value after an Assumed Percentage Increase - pretty straightforward
  5. Answering What-If Questions and Using Paste Special - Sometimes you want to paste values rather than paste a formula - to do this, under Paste Options, under Paste Values, point to Values and Number Formatting. In this case, we use a formula section of the worksheet to calculate values but then we want to paste these values into a table
  6. Inserting Multiple Rows and Creating a Line Chart -
  7. Formatting Axes in a Line Chart - including changing the minimum and maximum values, and the major unit value
  8. Formatting the Chart Area in a Line Chart
  9. Formatting the Plot Area Gridlines and Axis Fonts in a Line Chart

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