Project 4A Key Points - Part 2

Modify a PivotTable

  1. Rearranging a PivotTable Report

    In the layout section of the PivotTable Fields pane, from the COLUMNS area, drag the Month field name upward into the white field section. This X indicates that the field is being removed from the PivotTable report and thus only the quarterly totals will show as shown below:

    If you then drag the Classifications field from the ROWS area into the Columns area, the various classifications become column titles instead of row titles. The classifications are displayed in alphabetical order and the police-related calls display as separate classifications.

    You can change the order of the columns by clicking on a column title, right-click to display a shortcut menu, point to Move and then click Move ... Down.
  2. Changing Calculations in a PivotTable Report

    For example, showing Average instead of Sum
  3. Formatting a PivotTable Report

  4. Updating PivotTable Report Data
  5. Creating a PivotChart Report by a PivotTable Report

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