Project 6A Key Points

Create amd Format Sparklines and a Column Chart

  1. Creating and Formatting Sparklines - Select the data (without headers), then click Quick Analysis icon at the lower right corner of the selected range, and then click Sparklines and then click Line. On the Design tab in the Show group, select the High Point and Last Point checkbox to emphasize the story (dots will appear).
  2. Creating a Column Chart
  3. Changing the Display of Chart Data
  4. Editing and Formatting the Chart Title
  5. Adding, Formatting, and Aligning Axis Titles
  6. Editing Source Data
  7. Formatting the Chart Foor and Chart Walls

Create and Format a Line Chart

  1. Creating a Line Chart
  2. Changing a Chart Title
  3. Changing the Values on the Value Axis
  4. Formatting the Plot Area and the Data Series
  5. Inserting a Trendline

Create and Modify a SmartArt Graphic

  1. Creating a Process SmartArt Graphic

Create amd Modify an Organization Chart

  1. Creating and Modifying a Smart Art Organization Chart
  2. Adding Effects to a SmartArt Graphic
  3. Preparing Worksheets Containing Charts and Diagrams for Printing


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