Chapter 4-7 Study Guide

Test 2 will likely include many of the following topics - the order of topics is that of the text

  1. Pivot Tables, slicers, filters
  2. Pivot Column Chart and Pivot 3-D Chart
  3. Creating a Data Model by Getting External Data from Microsoft Access
  4. Splitting worksheets
  5. Modifying Page Breaks
  6. Repeating Row or Column Headings
  7. Sorting on Multiple Columns
  8. Sorting on a Custom List
  9. Filtering by Format or Value
  10. Naming ranges
  11. Subtotal, Outline
  12. Formatting column chart
  13. Creating a template, protecting sheet
  14. PMT function
  15. Goal seek
  16. Data tables
  17. Using defined names in formulas
  18. Lookup functions
  19. Validating data
  20. MATCH and INDEX functions

Revised: November 3, 2021