Chapter 1-3 Study Guide

Project 1A

  1. Use of fill handle to fill cells with values based on the first cell or to copy a formula
  2. Changing the width of a column
  3. Difference between displayed value and underlying value
  4. Formulas should generally reference a cell (and hence its value) rather than a number
  5. Relative vs. absolute references
  6. Use of control key to select non-adjacent ranges
  7. How to apply Accounting Number format, Comma Style, etc.
  8. Creating a column chart
  9. Resizing a chart to occupy particular cells
  10. Use of Chart Elements, Chart Styles, and Chart Filters buttons
  11. Creating Sparklines
  12. Creating a Custom Footer to include a file name, specifying Margins

Project 1B

  1. Using arithmetic operators in formulas
  2. Knowing when a reference should be absolute
  3. Inserting and deleting rows and columns
  4. Adjusting column widths and wrapping text
  5. Changing between portrait and landscape orientation

Project 2A

  1. Using Flash fill to recognize patterns in data and split the contents of a row or column into two
  2. SUM. AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MIN, and MAX functions
  3. Fixing #####
  4. COUNTIF and IF functions and applying conditional formatting by using highlight cell rules and data bars
  5. Using find and replace
  6. Freeze panes
  7. Converting a range of cells into an Excel table
  8. Sorting and filtering an Excel table; clearing filters
  9. Splitting a worksheet into panes

Project 2B

  1. Rename worksheets
  2. Clear contents and clear formats
  3. Grouping worksheets so as to edit and format them at the same time
  4. Ungrouping worksheets
  5. Constructing formulas that refer to cells in another worksheet
  6. Using IFS function

Project 3A

  1. Creating pie charts
  2. Moving chart to another sheet
  3. Formatting a pie chart
  4. Using Goal Seek to perform what if analysis

Project 3B

  1. Using parentheses in a formula to change or make clear the order of evaluation
  2. Creating and formatting a line chart
  3. Create a map chart and a funnel chart

1) Although there may be some questions in the test on formatting a chart, most questions will deal with other topics.
2) Most questions will not tell you what function or Excel operation you need to use; knowing what to use will be important.

Revised: September 22, 2021