Ways to Get the ITE 140 Textbook

NVCC Bookstore

$169.98 New Print
$129.49 Used Print
$115.60 New Print Rental (return by 5/9/22)
$127.49 Used Print (return by 5/9/22)
$84.99 Digital Purchase (Online digital access for 365 days, perpetual offline download access) - copying and printing is very limited
$54.99 Digital Rental (expires in 180 days) - copying and printing is very limited

Pearson Website (https://www.pearson.com/store/p/go-with-microsoft-office-365-excel-2019-comprehensive/P100002470401/9780136874607)
$133.32 New Print (free delivery)
eText from $9.99/month (minimum 4 month commitment), up to 2 devices

We will not be using myLabIT so you will not need access codes for that.

Although the digital versions are less expensive, you may want to consider how you would use them during class if you are looking at the instructor's Excel screen and also looking at your Excel screen.

Revised: January 19, 2022