Flash Assignment 3

This assignment is essentially what we did in class a week ago (putting the several pages of a website into a Flash movie) and is covered in the two handouts on ActionScript (www.billpegram.com/Flash/actionscript1.html and www.billpegram.com/Flash/actionscript2.html)

1) Create 4 button symbols (10 points)

2) The hit state of each button should encompass the entire area of the button (5 points)

3) the "over" state of the button should be different than the "up" state, so that the button symbols will change appearance during a mouseover (5 points)

4) Bring an instance of each button symbol onto the stage to create a navigational bar (5 points)

5) Use ActionScript so that the movie is initially stopped (10 points)

5) When one clicks on one button, an external web site will be displayed in the user's browser. Do this using ActionScript 3.0 (10 points)

6) For the remainder of the buttons, when one clicks on a button, one will go to a designated frame of the Flash movie and stop (clicking on each button will go to a different frame). Do this using ActionScript 3.0. (20 points)

7) In each of these frames the navigational buttons will be visible. (5 points)

8) Each frame will have some content appropriate to that "page". (10 points)

9) Use frame labels rather than frame numbers in your ActionScript. (5 points)

10) The button referencing the current location of the movie should be deactivated (10 points) - you can do this by ActionScript. In some earlier versions of Flash, this could also be done by converting the instance of the button symbol to a graphic symbol -- if this works in Flash CS5, feel free to use this technique instead to deactivate a button.

11) Your library should contain only the symbols used in this assignment and they should have meaningful names. (5 points)

12) Upload your fla file and email the URL of the fla file to pegramite170@gmail.com. You do not need to upload an html or swf file

Animations where there is creativity and/or extra effort can receive up to 10 points extrra credit although no assignment will receive over 100 points. Thus this extra credit can make up for some deficiencies elsewhere in the assignment..

Revised: April 5, 2011. Comments to William Pegram, wpegram@nvcc.edu