Flash Assignment 2

1) Do a Flash animation which contains

2) Do one of the following:

Some of you have had difficulty for unknown reasons in preventing looping of your animation so there will be no deduction if the movie loops.

3) Upload your .fla, .swf, and HTML file, and any external JavaScript files referenced to your web space -- there should be no other files in this folder. Verify that the movie plays correctly after the files are uploaded, Check the code in your HTML file to make sure that the references to the swf file do not reference a drive. Email the URL of the folder to pegramite170@gmail.com


Main timeline contains two instances of a symbol - 10 points

The two instances are of the same symbol - 10 points

-There is a tween - 10 points

-The tween is not a bouncing ball - 10 points

-The tween is in the timeline for the symbol rather than in the main timeline - 20 points

-Each instance of the same symbol looks different in some way - 10 points

-The main timeline has sufficient frames so that the animation in the symbol plays - 10 points

-The movie plays when the html file is accessed - 10 points

-The loop settings in the html file are set so as to not loop - 10 points

Extra credit of up to 10 points for creativity, effort, etc. (maximum score on assignment is still 100)

Revised: April 3, 2011. Comments to William Pegram, bill@billpegram.com