Homework 5 - Spring 2020

  1. All your files for this assignment should be placed in a hw5 folder - this folder will be uploaded to your site and the URL submitted in Canvas.

  2. Create a two-column site of at least 3 pages. The columns must be created using CSS. For one way to create a two-column site, see the "two column layout" example. You can use the content of a previous homework assignment or use new content.

  3. Each page should link to every other page including itself, and should be in the same place on every page. The links should be done in an unordered list and the bullet points should not show (see example )

  4. Each page should reference the same external stylesheet which will contain the CSS for the site. Do not use any inline or embedded CSS.

  5. You can put the navigation links in the left column or put them at the top (above the columns). If you put them at the top and they are horizontal, you will need to modify the CSS to make them horizontal (see example). If the links are at the top, put some content in the left column.

  6. Use at least one inline image (not background image) in your site. This image needs to be floated with text to the side of the image. A margin needs to be specified so that there is some whitespace between the text and the image. Use CSS for both - see CSS examples.

    Revised: February 17, 2020