Include as a comment at the beginning of your source code:

-Assignment  number
-Section (MW or TTh)
-Include any comments within your source code to clarify your logic in the cases where this is necessary, but avoid commenting the obvious.

SUBMIT: Email the .java files as attachments to an email to

(1) Create a class with three or more private instance variables. This class should be for something other than dates.

(2) Create in this class set (mutator) methods for each instance variable that perform checks for valid input.

(3) Create in this class get (accessor) methods for each instance variable.

(4) Create 3 or more constructors for this class. The constructors should utilize the set methods to perform checks for valid input.

(5) Create a toString() method that returns a String that incorporates the values of the instance variables in a suitable form.

(6) Create another class which utilizes the class you created in steps 1-5. This class should

-instantiate 2 objects, one of which should utilize some default values

-display the values of the instance variables of these objects using the toString() method

-use the mutator methods to reset the values of one of the objects and then display the new values using the toString() method.

Revised: November 6, 2008