Excel Assignment #2

1. In Excel, run the Microsoft Stock Quote query for the following stocks.  The symbol for each stock in shown in parentheses: (1)

AOL Time Warner (AOL)
AT&T (T)
Microsoft (MSFT)
Wal Mart(WMT).

Rename this sheet to "Stock Wizard" and another sheet to "Portfolio". (1)

2. On the Portfolio sheet, create a spreadsheet that utilizes the stock prices from the Stock Wizard sheet.  The link should be dynamic; that is, if you rerun the query, the new stock prices should automatically appear in the Portfolio sheet.  In other words, you will not enter the new stock prices by hand. (1)

3. The Portfolio spreadsheet should assume you own 100 shares of AOL, 200 of ATT, 300 of IBM, 400 of Microsoft, and 500 of Wal Mart, and should compute the total value of your portfolio and the percentage of the total portfolio value represented by each stock using relative and absolute references as appropriate. (2)

3. Create a piechart on the Portfolio sheet that shows the percentage of the portfolio value represented by each stock. (1) Title the chart "Portfolio Allocation (1).

4. Print out both sheets showing values. (1)

5. Print out both sheets showing formulas (1),  and gridlines and row and column headings (1).  See whether the the shrink to fit feature produces readable output.