Word Assignment 3

Create a resume for yourself, or someone else in Word. The purpose of a resume is to communicate to potential employers your education, work experience, skills, and other things that might encourage them to hire you. There are several resume formats:

Do not use the resume wizard although you can consult the resume wizard for formatting ideas. One possible format for a reverse chronological resume is to use a table with dates in the left hand column and other information in the right hand column. Although the resume need not be a real one, this would be an excellent opportunity for you to create a resume for yourself or someone else.

Resumes typically have sentences beginning with a verb that indicates what you did and omit the pronoun "I". So for example, you don't say "I created resumes in Word" but instead you say "Created resumes in Word."

Grading of assignment:

1) Document well-laid with good content (2 points)

2) In any document, but perhaps particularly in a resume, it is important that you be consistent. For example, if you capitalize the first word of a job title for one job, you should do the same for every job. Similarly, if you include a job title for one job, do it for all jobs and the placement of this information relative to the company name should be consistent. (3 points)

3) Filled most of a page or was more than 1 page. (2 points) There is no reason to use a small font size if your material at a normal font size (e.g. 12 point) will not occupy more than one page.  (1 point) Similarly, having less material means you can use larger margins. (1 point)

4) Used font size, bolding, or other techniques to indicate structure of document (1 point)

Print the document and hand it in.  Unless you are absent from class, there is no reason to email me the file or give me a disk.

Revised: May 29, 2006