[Create a document that looks like the following. Where something is shown in brackets, like this sentence, do not include those words or the brackets but follow the directions or enter the information that applies to you.  The comments in bold are the grading criteria and should not appear in your document. 10 total points]

[Your Name] - 1 pt

ITE 115 Assignment 1 [this should be centered - 1pt]

[If you are working, write a 2-3 sentence paragraph about your job. If not, write a 2-3 sentence paragraph about a hobby of yours. Use some font other than Times Roman 12 point. Use the Word Wrap feature of Word within the paragraph. - 3pts]

[Write another 2-3 sentence paragraph about your education at NVCC - what have/will you study and why - 2 pts ]

[Check the document for correct spelling and grammar using Word's spell check feature and correct misspellings as best you can.  If you don't know the correct spelling or grammar and can't figure it out, you may underline the word or words using Word's regular underline feature and receive full credit. 3 pts.]

[Print the document and submit the paper.  If you aren't in class, you mail email me (pegramite115@gmail.com) the document as an attachment.]