Word Assignment 2

1. Create a document with a top margin of .5, a bottom margin of 1", and left and right margins of 3/4". (2 points)

2. All but the second paragraph of the document should be double spaced; the second paragraph should be single spaced. (2 points)

3. Pick a word that has several meanings. In the first paragraph, list one synonym of the word for one meaning and another synonym for another meaning of the word. Use the thesaurus feature for this (2 points). For example, the word "face" as a noun can mean "countenance" where as a verb, it can mean "confront".

4. For the rest of the document, you can put any text you like in the document.  You can cut and paste from another application, or cut and paste within the document to save typing.

5. Use a header to display your name, the page number, and the number of pages in the document at the upper right.  These page number and the number of pages should not be "hard-coded" by you, but instead should be generated by Word. (4 points)

6. The first line of every paragraph except the second one and the last one should be indented 0.5".  In the last paragraph, the entire paragraph should be indented 0.5" from the left margin. (2 points)  You need not worry about indentations in the second paragraph.

7. Put a footnote in the document that is several lines in length.  The footnote (that which appears at the bottom of the page) should be in Arial font. (2 points)

8. The document should be three pages when printed.  Use a "soft" (natural) page break between pages 1 and 2 in the document and a hard (forced) page break between pages 2 and 3. (2 points)

9. Insert a link to my home page http://www.billpegram.com somewhere in the document.  The text of the link (that which is underlined in blue and you click on) should read "Class Home Page." (2 points)

10. In the second paragraph (which is single spaced), insert an image or clip art and wrap the text so that the text goes to the right of the image and underneath the image as shown below: (2 points)

The image shown is for the second edition of this book.  This book (probably the third version which is the current version) is used at NVCC Alexandria in some of their advanced web courses.  I used the first edition of the book in a class I took there in the fall of 2000.  I didn't particularly like the book because it was a little too "computer sciency" due to it being patterned after the authors' books on Programming Java and other computer languages.

The book however covers a wide variety of topics and I might feel differently about the book were I to use it now..

Email the file to me (wpegram@nvcc.edu) as an attachment.  Revised: January 29, 2007