Photoshop Layers Assignment

In this assignment, you must do something with Photoshop layers. Here are three possibilities; pick one, or if neither appeals to you, email me with your idea and I will likely approve it, or even add it to the list below.

  1. In Photoshop, create a drawing of something - a house, a room, a snowman, etc. Create the objects in your drawing in layers so that they can be easily moved around or altered, or that some things will appear in front of others. Some techniques for this are described in the writeup "Working with Text and Shapes in Photoshop CC". In some cases, you may find it helpful to display a grid to help you with placement (View>Show>Grid). Submit your psd file against the assignment and briefly in comments describe how layers were helpful.

  2. Use Adjustment Layers - These are described in Chapter 2 of the Photoshop Classroom in a Book and are discussed in the Adjusting the Color and Tone section of the Chapter 2 writeup. or
  3. Put yourself where you would like to be - Since we can't go where we would like these days, put yourself where you would like to be:

Revised: November 9, 2021