Premiere Pro Project

The ITE 170 Project requirements for fall 2021 are shown at ITE 170 Project. Those requirements include HTML/CSS, Animate, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. This document describes steps for creating the Premiere Pro portion.

  1. Create a Premiere Pro Project - In the videos we've worked with, we've almost always opened an existing project file. For the ITE170 Premiere Pro project, you need to create a project file. File > New >Project. Give it a name and specify the location where you want the project file to be saved.
  2. Import Media into Project - In the videos we've worked with, we've used the Media Browser in the Project panel to navigate to the files we want. The Media Browser has 4 sections at the left:
    1. Favorites
    2. Local Drives (C, D, etc.)
    3. Network Drives
    4. Creative Cloud
    Using the Local Drives section, one can drill down to locate the folder where the various media files for your project can be found. There can be slight delays when opening a folder which has a lot of subfolders or content. Once one has drilled down to the correct folder, right-clicking on the folder and selecting "Add to Favorites", will eliminate the need to drill down to locate the folder in the future for this project. If one doesn't create a favorite, one has to start at the C, D, etc. drive letter each time this project file is opened.

    To utilize the files in the project, they must be imported into the project. This can be done in several ways.
    1. To do this in the Media Browser, select the files, right-click on any of them, and choose Import.
    2. File > Import and browse for the files. You can select multiple files in a folder at one time, and then click Open, or you can select a folder and then the import operation will import all the files in the folder, or
    3. Drag files or folders from Windows File Explorer into the Project panel in Premiere Pro
  3. Creating a sequence in the Timeline panel can be done in several ways
    1. Dragging an imported file from the Project panel into the Timeline panel. The sequence name then becomes the name of the file you dragged into the Timeline panel. If you select several clips and drag, the sequence name will be the first one you selected.
    2. Dragging an imported file, or several selected files, onto the New Item icon at the bottom right of the Project panel, or
    3. File > New > Sequence - you are prompted to name the sequence. Files are then added to the selected sequence by dragging them over from the Project panel.
  4. Outputting from Premiere Pro is described in Create Project.
  5. Display of the output in a web page is described at Putting Movie on Page.

Revised: November 11, 2021. Comments to William Pegram,