Please attach against this assignment in Canvas a photo of yourself - the purpose of this is so that I can associate a name with a face and so that you know how to attach files against an assignment in Canvas.

It's best if the picture is a closeup and looks like you look now.  If you like, you can do a "mug shot" where you put your name on a piece of paper in the photo as well. 

The file format for the image should be .jpg, ..jpeg, .gif, or .png. The reason for this requirement is so that the picutre will display in the icons view in Windows (e.g. an image in a Word document or a PDF will not display in icons view)

The filename of the picture should be lastname_firstname, e.g. Pegram_Bill.jpg - you must rename the file before attaching it in Canvas - renaming the file once it is in Canvas doesn't work.

I will deduct points if the filename is not in this format.

Revised: December 13, 2021