EDIT 772 Schedule

This schedule will be changed often.  If you miss a class, please check on the web for the most recent schedule.

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1 (Aug. 28)

  • Course Overview 
  • Examples of simple data-driven web sites 
  • Databases - Tables, Queries
  • Relational (Multiple Table) Databases
  • Creating a Single Table Database in Microsoft Access
  • Creating Select Queries in Design Mode for Single Table Databases
  • Creating Relationships in Access
  • Creating Select Queries in Design Mode in Access for Relational Databases Where Relationship Exists

Chapter 1,2

2 (Sept. 4)

  • registration database
  • Forms, Reports in Access (briefly)
  • SQL Mode in Access
  • Update, Insert, and Delete Queries in Access (briefly)
  • Microsoft Query

Chapter 3, Create Database Assignment

3 (Sept. 11)

  • HTML text formatting
  • Insertion of images in web pages
  • HTML tables
  • HTML links
  • HTML forms

Chapter 4; Chapter 7 (pp. 227-237);

4 (Sept. 18)

(skip client-side scripting section of Chapter 7)

Chapter 5, 8 Project Clarification Assignment

5 (Sept. 25)

  • Display all Records of a Table, Creating Links from each row to the same file but Passing URL Parameters to an ASP (pp. 279-282) ("summary page")
  • Retrieving URL Parameters into an ASP and Using These to Display More Information About a Given Record (pp. 282-285) -- ("details") page

Recreate Data-Driven Page Assignment

6 (Oct. 2)

Chapter 8

7 (Oct. 9)

Chapter 8, Inserting Records into Database with a Form

8 (Oct. 16)

  • Creating Action page to delete a record in a Table - Action code sample

  • Writing and Reading Cookies with ASP (pp. 308-309, 328-331) - Form, Write, and Read code sample

Modifying Records in a Database with a Form

9 (Oct. 23)

Deleting Records in a Database with a Form

10 (Oct. 30)


Final Project

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