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Note: If you are unable to fulfill your participation in the team listed below, please notify your other team members and the instructor so that you can be assigned to another team.

Singapore TradeNet - February 25

Lucas Arsenea
Zeshan Hussain
Manpreet Kishenpuri
Andres Machuca
Joe Prosser

BAE Automated Systems (A) - March 4

Matt Bailey
Lucas Curns
Andrew Lopez
Carey North
Justin Sirisingha

BAE Automated Systems (B) March 18

Robert Griesemer
Reetesh Gupta
Adam Kimbell
Weston Lynch
Prema Pal

A&D High Tech (A) - April 1

Abbey Fisseha
Visal Ky
Quoc-Anh (Andy) Ngo
Vinh Nguyen
Zemzem Saleh

Managing Conflict in a Diverse Workplace - April 8

Robert Hundemer
Jonathan Jarin
Matt Moulton
Brian Quinn
Alex Stange

A&D High Tech (B) - April 15

Carol Cutlip
Corey Letichevsky
John Porter
Jose Sorto

The Rise and Fall of Iridium - April 15

Efrain Arellano
Steve Messick
Jeff Nido
Christopher Rhodes
Jon Stammler

Timberjack Parts - April 22

Lan Bach
Derek Lutz
Ramon Thompson

Revised: April 1, 2009