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Revised: January 19, 2022

Northern Virginia Community College - Annandale Campus

ITE 140-001N - Spreadsheet Software I, Spring 2022 (3 credits) - MW 2:20-3:40PM, synchronous remote via Zoom, Dr. William Pegram, wpegram@nvcc.edu

Web Site for Class: www.billpegram.com


Microsoft Excel 2019 is the focus of this course. Although Excel 2019 is available in the NVCC open labs, you will want to get Excel on your home computer. Students can get Excel and other programs for free - see the section on Office 365 at www.nvcc.edu/ithd/students/software.html. Thus students will typically have Office 365 rather than Excel 2019. Because Office 365 is an evolving product, there are some very minor differences between Office 365 and Excel 2019. This was not a problem when I've taught this course in the past.


For questions about how IT courses transfer, visit www.transfervirginia.org or email iet@nvcc.edu.


Required: GO! with Microsoft Office 365, Excel 2019 Comprehensive, Gaskin & Vargas, 2020, ISBN 9780135442685. Because instruction and homework will follow this text, other books will not be satisfactory for this course. I will cover the entire book which is what I did when I taught this course in Fall 2021 using the same textbook. Various alternatives to get the book are shown here

Teaching Style and Zoom

I will go slow enough so that you can do on your computer what I'm doing on mine which will be visible to you because I will be sharing my screen. This requires you watching my screen in one screen/window and doing your work on another screen/window. This is challenging. There are several possible solutions:

  1. two monitors - I tried this last summer when I was sitting in on a course, but never could get used to the second monitor
  2. one monitor with two windows (one for watching me in Zoom, the other for working in Excel
  3. watching me on a phone or table and working on your computer in Excel
  4. watching the recording, pausing it to work in the application, and repeat this throughout.

Although #4 may be best for some people, I think attending the Zoom session at the regularly scheduled time is probably best for most students. Although all sessions will be recorded and available on Canvas, my personal experience with webinars since March 2020, is that I am much more likely to watch something if I watch it live.

Just like in the classroom, just speak up if something doesn't work or wasn't clear; I realize this is more difficult than if we were in the classroom.

My teaching style in the past for this class is different than I use for other classes. My approach during this class has been to follow the step-by-step instructions in the text. I also try to interject comments so that you understand the operations beyond just the step-by-step. The biggest problem in previous semesters that students would forget things we had covered several weeks before; the biggest problem last semester was that students had difficulty during a test knowing which Excel feature to use to solve a problem. My plan is for students to develop a document as the course proceeds to help with this association.


The Zoom recording will be available a few hours after the end of class.  When it is available, I get an email and then I have to publish it before you can see it.  I will do this so you will have access to it by early evening. To access the recording, click on the Zoom link at the left in Canvas and then the "Cloud Recordings" tab at the right.


Late homework will not be accepted but your two lowest homework grades will be dropped; this policy of dropping the two lowest two grades is designed to cover illness, computer problems, work or family responsibilities, etc. so exceptions to this policy will not be granted.

You must submit your homework so that the files can be read on a Windows machine. Thus if you are using a Mac, you must do any necessary conversion of the files. If you are required to submit a zipped folder, make sure that whatever you submit can be opened by WinZip.

If you are using Cengage in other classes, you may have purchased a Cengage Unlimited plan which would permit you to use MindTap with this course for essentially no extra charge. If there are a number of students in this situation, I will see how MindTap might be useful for these students - the order of topics between the two books is similar but not identical.


60% tests (at least 3 "hands-on" tests and a multiple choice test), 40% homework.


If you miss class, please check the class website for any changes to the schedule, including new assignments. All class sessions will be recorded and will be posted on Canvas later that day or first thing the next morning.


Canvas will play a centrol role in this course. See https://www.nvcc.edu/canvas/index.html for information on Canvas

Office Hours

Office hours will be done through Zoom on Friday. The URL for office hours is posted in Canvas. If you wish to meet with me, email me and we can find a mutually agreeable time on Friday or another day.

Communication with Students

For general class announcements and messages to individual students, I will use Canvas so make sure Canvas is set up so you see these promptly. Similarly, I suggest using Canvas to send me a message. If you email me at wpegram@nvcc.edu, please remember to include your name and class. For messages from the college, sign up for Nova alerts (http://alert.nvcc.edu), if you haven't already done so - you can get text messages and emails to addresses you specify.

Academic Integrity

On homework assignments and projects, students may ask for and receive some assistance from others, unless otherwise directed by the instructor.  Yet those helping a student should avoid "doing the work" for the student.

Unless specifically stated in the assignment, students may work together to complete an assigment. However my experience is that students who turn in essentially identical work on an assignment tend not to do well on subsequent tests either because they have not learned the material or are too reliant on another person. 

No assistance is permitted on the inclass midterms and final and your use of the computer may be monitored. The college policy on student conduct is found at www.nvcc.edu/students/handbook/conduct.html

Cheating on a test will result in a grade of 0 on the test. Cheating on a subsequent test will result in a grade of F for the course. Cheating may be reported to the Division Dean and the Annandale Judicial Affairs Officer.

Proctoring of Exams

Proctoring will focus on preventing students getting significant help from other students during the exam. Tests will probably be of two kinds. Some tests will be "hands-on" where you will be asked to work in Excel. Monitoring you through a webcam is my intended approach for these. When monitoring is done through a webcam, I will disable student virtual backgrounds. If I use multiple choice/true-false exams, the time limits will be such that extensive use of the internet will not be practical..

Dropping and Withdrawal from the Class:

For a 15 week class, the last day to drop with a tuition refund or change to audit is Thursday, February 3.  Saturday, March 26 is the last day to withdraw without grade penalty in a 15 week course. The award of W after the last day to withdraw REQUIRES official documentation and the Dean's signature which is very difficult to get.

If a student does not attend at least one class meeting via Zoom by February 3, his/her class registration will be administratively deleted unless you contact me. Watching a Zoom recording after the class does not satisfy this requirement since I am not provided information when you watch a recording after the class occurs . If you are administratively deleted, there will be no record of the class or any letter grade on the student’s transcript. Furthermore, the student’s class load will be reduced by the course credits, and this may affect his/her full-time or part-time student status. Tuition will not be refunded.


Although all sessions of this class will be via Zoom, you should be aware of the following, in case you come to one of the NVCC campuses.

See https://www.nvcc.edu/safe-campus/index.html

Disability Accommodation

Please send me your accommodation form as early as possible.

Student Success Tips