Revised: July 25, 2008

Students: Amir, Arisara, Dave, Hatim, Jeremy, Midd, Salwa

Session Topics Reading/Exercises
5/21 Introductions and Mid-Course Assessment, Introduction to Front Page Tables and Forms Exercise
5/28 (1) Organization of previous HTML/CSS content (2) Creation of web folder and FTP account for each student, (3) Different Approches to Common Content in Web Sites - Frames, FrontPage Shared Borders, Dreamweaver Libraries and Templates, Server-Side Includes, (4) FTP Instructions Creation of Index Page and FTP, (5) Web Site Proposal and Project

(1) DW Library and Templates, (2) CoreFTP FTP client, (3) Image Formats, (4) Resizing Graphics with Paint, (5) Resizing and Optimizing Graphics with Fireworks (6) Review of Form Coding (7) Image Slicing Concept

Thumbnail Exercise
6/4 JavaScript between script tags - code sample1, JavaScript in Event Handlers - Image Rollover sample1, sample2, sample3, Form Validation sample, Validating Forms with JavaScript (3 students absent due to storm)  
6/9 Form Validation (cont.) - sample1, sample2 (using DHTML), Form validation when button used instead of submit button, Discussion of Web Site Proposals  
6/11 (1) Dreamweaver Libraries and Templates, (2) Fireworks - cropping an image, creating animated gifs, layers, frame-by-frame animation and tweening, (3) Discussion of Web Site Proposals  
6/16 (1) Web Design - Global Website Statistics ( and, Fixed vs. flexible design, using JavaScript to detect user's screen resolution and redirect to alternative web pages, use of media property in CSS, online reading styles, breadcrumbs, flat hierarchy (3 clicks), accessibility standards, inline linking and Flickr guidelines (2) Flash - extensions, interface (panels, stage, timeline, etc.) , drawing and coloring tools - Flash Drawing Tools  
6/18 (1) Web Design - Gathering Statistics about Visitors to Your Site, (2) Flash - Frame by Frame Animation, Putting your Movie into a Web Page, Shape Tweens, Creating Symbols and Instances, including Animation within a Symbol  
6/23 Site Design Exercise, Flash - Motion Tweening, Bitmaps  
6/25 Flash - Buttons, Movie Clips, Intro to ActionScript  
6/30 (1) Web design - Search Engines, Choosing Hosting Providers (2) Flash - Controlling Main Timeline and MovieClip Times in ActionScript  
7/2 (1) Web Design - Analyzing Within-Page Structure in Web Sites, (2) Flash - Creating Slide Shows, Links to External Sites, and Internal Links in ActionScript  
7/7 (1) E-Commerce - PayPal and Google Checkout, (2) Flash - Dynamic and Input Text, Embedded vs. Device Fonts  
7/9 Sounds (exanmple: sounds.fla), Flash Picture Show example  
7/14 Why Use Server-Side Scripting, 

7/16 Flash - Blends and Filters  
7/21 Flyout Menus, Course Evaluation, Website Presentations