This schedule will be revised throughout the course. Chapter references are to Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0

Student Pages: Darcy, Geoff, George, Laura, Meron, Nakiah, Rene

Date Topics Homework Due
  • Request and Response Objects (Ch. 7)
  • FTP Using FTP Client CoreFTP
  • Error Handling (Ch. 9)
  • Scripting Objects (Ch. 10) - Dictionary Object, FileSystemObject - displaying a file directory with links to files (code), displaying ASP code of a file (code)
  • ASP Components (cont.) - Content Linking/NextLink and Brower Capabilities Components
  • Displaying List of Microsoft ASP Components and their Methods/Properties through VBA Editor in Word, Excel, or Access
  • Database Concepts (table, records, fields, primary key, foreign key, relational database, referential integrity, normalization)
  • Creating Tables in Microsoft Access
  • ASP and Data Store Access (Ch. 12) - connection via connection string (code), connection via data link file (code, code of datalink file), connection (data link file generates connection string which is then pasted (code), connection via system data source name (code), connection via connection string using Server.MapPath (code)
  • Using Recordsets (Ch. 13) - ADO Constants, Cursor Types, Locking, Recordset EOF & BOF Properties, MoveNext and related Methods
  • Insert and Delete SQL statements, using input from forms (dynamic SQL) - form, form with output in table, form with output in tables, with HTML and ASP intermixed and passing primary key in link to delete action page (code) (Ch. 14)
9/29   Project

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