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Date Topics Reading/Homework

Introductions, Course Information


Chapter 1

Operators and Expressions

  • dot syntax for objects, methods, and properties
  • JavaScript in event handlers and as a URL
  • Date object with get and set methods
  • arithmetic operators and shorthand notation (++, +=, etc.)
  • pre- and post-increment
  • Math object, isNan(value), isFinite(value), value.toFixed(digits)
  • converting between numbers and text strings
  • conditional, comparison, and logical operators
  • time-delayed commands and commands at specified intervals
  • recursive use of setTimeout using form field
  • example of setInterval using form field
  • rounding numbers and generating random numbers


Chapter 2

Arrays, Loops, and Conditional Statements

Chapter 3
2/13 4:30PM and later GMU Classes cancelled  


Chapter 4, JavaScript Assignment 1

Special Effects

  • referencing an inline image thorugh use of images collection, getElementById, or name
  • creating an Image object and R/W properties in JavaScript
  • preloading images using the Image object and doing image rollovers - inclass coding
  • text rollovers using CSS hover pseudo-class or modifying style properties through JavaScript
  • menus using CSS positioning and visibility - inclass coding using visibility, inclass coding using display
  • Internet Explorer filters (CSS and JS), transitions (CSS and JS), and interpage transitions (meta-tag)
  • Controlling Flash Movie through JavaScript
Chapter 5

Windows and Frames

  • properties of the window object - defaultStatus, status
  • use of return true or return false to disable the default action
  • history object methods - back(), forward(), go()
  • location object - redirection to another page by windowobj.location.href
  • document.referrer - possible security restrictions outside domain
  •, name, features) and methods that change aspects of current window
  • window.alert("message", window.prompt("message", "default", window.confirm("message") - inclass coding
  • writing content to another window and accessing an object within a window from another window
  • modal and modeless windows (IE only)
  • frames and iframes
Chapter 6

Forms and Regular Expressions

  • referencing a form and form element
  • input fields - properties and methods
  • selection lists - options[] and text and value properties, selectedIndex
  • radio buttons and checkboxes - checked property
  • form validation - onsubmit event handler - return false disables default action - inclass coding
  • String object methods - charAt, slice, substr, substr, split, indexOf
  • String formatting methods
  • regular expressions - character positions, character types, repeating characters, alternate patterns, grouping
  • regular expression object constructor, regular expression methods - test, search, match, split, replace
  • appending data to a URL and retrieving form data through
Chapter 7


  • cookie limitations - <4K, <=20 from given website, <=300 total - one unused for longest period of time is purged
  • create a cookie - name, value, expires, path, domain, and secure attributes - inclass coding of cookie writing and parsing to pre-populate form elements
Chapter 9
4/3 Project Presentations and Discussion Project

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