Revised: April 12, 2006

 ITD 110 Schedule

This schedule will be changed often.  I may add or revise assignments. If you miss a class, please check on the web for the most recent schedule. 

Date Topics Reading related to Topics/Homework Due
Jan. 11 Course Information, Schedule, Getting Started on Annandale Computers, Browser Basics: Creating, Viewing, and Revising Web Pages, Text Formatting, Spaces, CSE HTML Validator Lite Ch. 2 (pp. 27-41)
Jan. 18 Review of First Week, Transferring files to the server; FTP Instructions, Links Ch. 2 (pp. 42-46)
Jan. 25 Stylesheets Chapter 3, Appendix B, Download CoreFTP or Fetch for the Mac and install it at home, etc., Biography Assignment
Feb. 1 Color, Browser Safe Color Chart, Font Tag, Images,  Finding and Using Web Graphics (dated), alignment of text and images example, Image Formats, Thumbnails, Transparent Gifs (sample file to convert), Editing Graphics with PhotoEditor, Paint, and IrfanView; Optimizing Graphics, Downloading Questions Exercise Ch. 4 (pp. 67-74), CSS Formatting homework
Feb. 8 Images (cont.), Imagemaps, Midterm 1 Image Linking Assignment, Ch. 4 (pp. 75-78)
Feb. 15 Tables, Uses of Tables Imagemap Exercise , Chapter 5
Feb. 22 Frames  Resume Using Table, Chapter 6
Mar 1 Forms, Wrapping in Text Areas, CGI Script to Create a File, Midterm 2 Chapter 7
Mar 8 Spring Break (no Class)  
Mar 15 Forms (continued); HTML Editors (Netscape Composer, Dreamweaver), Website Proposal/Project, Links to Past Student Projects, 2003 Dogwood Participant sites; Forms homework
Mar 22

Flash Animation, CSS Positioning

Mar 29

Sound, Video, Java Applets, Midterm 3

pp. 79-83
Apr 5 DOCTYPE, XHTML Versions, Well formedness, Validity, Namespaces, etc. Chapter 1, 8, Appendix A
Apr. 12

Animated Gifs

CSS Revisited

Copyright, Meta Tags, Advertising Your Site, Web Site Statistics

Additional Form Elements, NVCC Web Curriculum, NVCC Instructor Sites, Design, Yale Web Style Guide, Jeff Glover's Sucky to Savvy Design Guide

"As Google Becomes Gatekeeper Sites Fight to Get In", Wall Street Journal, February 26, 2003
Apr. 19 Free day to work on projects (attendance totally optional) Tables and Frames Exercise (optional, not part of your grade)
Apr. 26 Student Web Site Presentations Website due in draft form (for presentation)
May 3 Final Exam Website due in final form

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