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ITE 170 Schedule - Section 003,005N - Spring 2010

The schedule will be updated with links to homework exercises and additional material as the course progresses.  The most current copy of this schedule can be found on the course web site at www.billpegram.com. Material below the X below is tentative; students should not work on assignments shown below the X since the assigment may change.

  Week Class Topics Reading/Homework Due (more will be added as course progresses) 
X 1/11, 1/14

XHTML Tutorial (reading)


  1/21, 1/25

CSS Tutorial (reading)

  1/28, 2/1 Biography Assignment (due dates shown at left)
  2/4, 2/8
  • Head Content, Page, Properties, Hexadecimal Color
  • Formatting text with HTML, font types
  • Creating Links in Dreamweaver
  • History Panel, Code Inspector, Inserting Comments, Previewing in Browser
  • Global Site Statistics
  2/11, 2/15
  • Creating Stylesheets in Dreamweaver
  • Applying Styles with the Property Inspector and with the CSS Styles panel
  • Editing Styles in Dreamweaver
  • Attaching an Existing Stylesheet in DW
  • Conflicts between Styles
  • Inserting Inline Graphics and setting properties in DW
  • Inserting Background Image in DW
  2/18, 2/22
  • Insert Rollovers with Flash Text
  • Create Buttons in Paint
  • Create Navigational Bar
  • Create ImageMap
  • Manage Web Site Links
DW Assignment 1 (due at end of day a week after class dates shown at left)
  2/25, 3/1
  • Create a Table in Standard Mode
  • Change Table Properties for an Existing Table
  • Split and Merge Cells, colspan and rowspan, nested tables
  • Site Reports
  • Design Notes
  • Synchronize Files, Check In/Checkout
  • Cloak Files, Import/Export Site Definition
  • Evaluate Web Content for Legal Use
  3/4, 3/15  
  3/18, 3/22
  • Quiz on HTML and Dreamweaver
  3/25, 3/29 Flash Short Assignment 1 (due one week after the dates shown at the left), Shape Tweens and Symbols,
  4/1, 4/5 Flash Assignment 2 (due one week after the dates shown at the left), Flash Chapters 3-5
  4/8, 4/12  
  4/15, 4/19
  • Flash quiz
  4/22, 4/26    
  4/29, 5/3    
  Thurs 5/6, Monday 5/10 Final (at regular class time):  
    Material below was used in a previous ITE 170 class; only some of this material will be used for the current class and the assignments below are likely to be changed  
  • Image Formats and Compression
  • Working With Bitmaps (Importing and Compressing, importing sequences, converting bitmaps to vectors)- import1.jpg


  • Input Text (cont.
Flash Assignment 3
  • Sound
  • Components and Forms, Video, Publishing and Exporting

Last revised: January 8, 2010