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ITE 170 Schedule - Section 004,005N - Spring 2013

Last revised: May 29, 2013

The schedule will be updated with links to homework exercises and additional material as the course progresses.  The order of topics within Dreamweaver and Flash is likely to be different than shown below (in the January version of the schedule) due to the change in texts but the topic coverage should be similar. The most current copy of this schedule can be found www.billpegram.com. Material, including quiz dates, below the X below is tentative; students should not work on assignments shown below the X since the assigment will likely change.

  Week Class Topics Reading/Homework Due (more will be added as course progresses) 

Week 1
1/14, 1/16
Course Introduction, Web Graphics
Images, Fireworks





Week 2
1/23, 1/28
Web Design

Conceptual XHTML Tutorial (copies will be distributed)
  • Absolute and Relative Links
  • Inserting Images into Web Pages
  • CSS - inline, embedded
  • RGB color

Week 3
1/30, 2/4

Conceptual/Handson XHTML/CSS Assignment (due 10am 2/6 for Wednesday class. 10am 2/11 for Monday class), CSS Tutorial (reading)

Week 4
2/6, 2/11


  • Web Design issues (PowerPoint on Blackboard)
    • print vs. web
    • balance, proximity, contrast, unity, visual identity, alignment
    • writing for the web
    • color
    • technical, legal, ethical, accessibility
  • References and XHTML Rules

Williams and Tollett - Chapter 3-4




  • Dreamweaver workspace
  • Code, Split, Design, and Live View
  • Property Inspector, Panels
  • DW site definition
  • Adding Folders and Pages to Website by right-clicking in Files panel
  • Create a New Page by File>New - Choose CSS Layout and Doctype
  • Titling page, adding text, and formatting with headings, paragraphs, and line breaks
  • Creating absolute links
  • Importance of saving a file before creating relative reference from file
  • Creating Relative links in Dreamweaver
  • Renaming and Moving Files within Files menu (updating depends on proper site definition)
  • Dreamweaver FTP - preserves file and folder structure automatically( !) - FTP Files from Dreamweaver CS3 video, www.nvcc.edu/about-nova/directories--offices/administrative-offices/ithd/students/ftpsettings/
Dreamweaver CS6 text, Chapter 1 (skim), Chapter 2 (Sites), first part of Chapter 3
  Week 5
2/13, 2/18
  • Inserting Inline Graphics
  • Setting HTML Image Properties - most are deprecated in favor of CSS - see deprecated list (week 3)
  • Making an Image into a Link
  • Setting default images folder in site definition (when inserting file outside of site, will automatically copy into designated images folder within site)
  • Alt and longdesc properties
  • Image Placeholder
  • Settiing Page Properties - HTML and CSS, use of color picker to get colors from other sources
  • Inserting Description and Keyword Meta Tags
  • Copying and Pasting in Design and Code View
  • Unordered and Ordered Lists
  • Special Characters and Horizontal Rules
  • Find and Replace
  • Check Spelling

Dreamweaver Homework One (due 2/20 11am for Wednesday class; 2/25 11am for Monday class). Dreamweaver CS6 text Chapters 3-6


  Week 6
2/20, 2/25

Conceptual/Hands On - Dreamweaver

  • Named Anchors
  • Image Maps
  • Email links
  • CSS using CSS Styles Panel and Property Inspector
  • Using Contextual/Compound CSS instead of defining a new class
Dreamweaver CS6 Chapters 7
  Week 7
2/27, 3/4

Midterm on Concepts and HTML, CSS, Fireworks, perhaps some Dreamweaver


  Week 8
3/18. 3/20

Conceptual - CSS

  Dreamweaver Hands-On
  • Using Predefined CSS Layouts (DW text, p. 231-242) - normally put CSS in external file, can use Code Navigator (alt-click to show style selectors (tags, classes, id, compound) affecting point of click and cursor over to see CSS properties and double-click to take you to the CSS code (DW text, p. 225-226)
  • How to Change the Appropriate Stylesheet Property in the Predefined Layouts
  • Tables with DW (pp. 267-294)
Dreamweaver CS6 text, Forms HTML,
  Week 9


  • Planning a Successful Web Site (Part 2)
Proposal part of Project due (3/25 for Monday class, 3/27 for Monday class)

Week 10
4/1, 4/3



Hands On


Week 11
4/8, 4/10

Hands-On Flash text pp. 1-56, 163-192 (frame by frame animation)
  Week 12
4/15, 4/17


Flash text pp. 149-162 (symbols), pp. 193-210 (classic tweening, pp. 211-222 (shape tweening). pp. 223-264 (motion tweeing), pp. 314-321, 326-330 (buttons, movie clip symbols), XHTML portion of Project due (4/15 for Monday class, 4/17 for Wednesday class)
  Week 13
4/22, 4/24

X Week 14
4/29. 5/1

Flash portion of Project due (4/29 for Monday class, 5/1 for Wednesday class)
  Week 15
5/8, 5/13
Topics not covered or assigned Flash Short Assignment 2
Flash Assignment 3

Extra material - Creating a Mobile App in Dreamweaver - Atomic Learning Tutorial with this name through www.nvcc.edu/about-nova/directories--offices/administrative-offices/ithd/students/onlinetraining/index.html (may be easier to access through Firefox or Chrome than IE)