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ITE 170 Schedule - Section 004,005N - Fall 2014

Revised: December 4, 2014

The schedule will be updated with links to homework exercises and additional material as the course progresses.  The order of topics within Dreamweaver and Flash is likely to be different than shown below due to the change in texts but the topic coverage should be similar. The most current copy of this schedule can be found www.billpegram.com. Material, including exam dates, below the X below is tentative; students should not work on assignments shown below the X since the assignment will likely change.

  Week Class Topics Reading/Homework Due (more will be added as course progresses) 

Week 1
Aug 20(W), Aug 25(M)
Course Introduction, Web Graphics
Images, Fireworks




  • Felke-Morris, Chapter 1

Week 2
Aug 27(W), Sept 8(M)
Web Design


Week 3
Sept 3(W), Sept 15(M)

  • Web Design - Chapter 3 PowerPoint slides in Blackboard - design for target audience, browsers, website organization, principles of visual design, accessibility, text and color design considerations, navigation design, fixed and fluid layouts
  • Cascading Style Sheets - Chapter 4 PowerPoint slides in Blackboard (first part) - CSS selectors and style rules, CSS ways of specifying color, inline, embedded, and external CSS, classes
  • Further references: CSS Reference, CSS validator
  • CSS Tutorial (reading)
  • Felke-Morris Chapters 3 and 4 (part)
  • Assignment 1 (see Blackboard)

Week 4
Sept. 10(W), Sept. 22(M)
CSS, Web Graphics


  • Remainder of Chapter 4 PowerPoint slides - id, contextual CSS (descendant), <span> element
  • Absolute and Relative References and XHTML Rules
  • Web Graphics Styling - Chapter 5 PowerPoint slides on Blackboard -
    less important: background-attachment, background-position, CSS3 multiple background images, favorites icon, configure list style markers with css, image maps




  Week 5
Sept 17(W), Sept 29 (M)


  • Felke-Morris Chapter 6,7
  • Box Model - content, padding, border, margin (DW text, p. 56)
  Week 6
Sept. 24(W), Oct. 6 (M)

  Week 7
Oct. 1(W), Oct. 20 (M) (due to school holiday 10/13)

  Week 8
Oct. 8(W), Oct. 27(M)

Conceptual/Hands On - Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver CC: The Missing Manual -- free online at http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com.ezproxy.vccs.edu:2048/book/web-design-and-development/9781449365189/dreamweaver-cc-the-missing-manual/index_html?query=((Dreamweaver+CC%3a+The+Missing+Manual))#snippet
  Week 9
Oct. 15(W), Nov. 3(M)




Week 10
Oct. 29(W)(no class 10/22 if no prior Wednesday cancellations), Nov. 10(M)

Hands On


Week 11
Nov. 5(W), Nov. 17(M)


  Week 12
Nov 12(W), Nov 24(M)


  Week 13
Nov. 19(W), Dec. 1 (M)

X Week 14
Dec. 3(W) (no school 11/26), Dec. 8(M)


Some training videos you may find useful
  • Adobe TV, Down Under: ActionScript 3 101 (thanks to Judy Miller)
  • Adobe TV, Down Under: Programming My Button (thanks to Judy Miller)
  • Atomic Learning video on Flash CS6 - ActionScripting a Scene Training - go to STUDENTS: Access Atomic Learning and after entering your username and password, search for Flash CS6 - ActionScripting a Scene Training on the Atomic Learning site
  Dec. 10, 7:30-9:10PM(W), Dec. 15 2-3:40PM(M)  
Topics not covered or assigned Flash Short Assignment 2
Flash Assignment 3

Extra material -