Last revised: May 2, 2001

IST 117 Schedule

This schedule will be updated with links to homework exercises as the course progresses.  The PowerPoint exam is scheduled for the date of the final exam due to time constraints, but it is possible the exam will be given earlier.  The most current copy of this schedule and the course information sheet can be found on the course web site at   

Date Class Topics Reading/Homework Due (more will be added as course progresses) 
March 13 Class organization, Windows, Word    
March 15 Word Word Assignment 1
March 20 Word Word Assignment 2
March 22 List of Windows and Word Topics, Word Exam, Access Word Assignment 3  
March 27 Access  
March 29 Access, List of Access Topics Access Assignment 1
April 3 Access Exam  
April 5 Excel   
April 10 Excel Excel Assignment 1
April 12 Excel Excel Assignment 2 
April 17  Excel, List of Excel Topics Excel Assignment 3
April 19 Excel Exam, PowerPoint  
April 24 PowerPoint  
April 26 PowerPoint PowerPoint Assignment 1
May 1 Optional day, List of Powerpoint Topics (to be added Wed. afternoon), Using Applications Together  
May 3 PowerPoint and Final Exam