Revised: April 3, 2001    

IST 129 Schedule

This schedule will be changed often.  If you miss a class, please check on the web for the most recent schedule.   

Date Topics Reading related to Topics/Homework Due
Week 1 (1/9, 10) Class Organization, Schedule,   NOVA Email Instructions, Browser Basics, Creating, Viewing, and Revising Web Pages, Text Formatting, Spaces Meyers, Ch 1-4; Maran Ch. 1-3
Week 2 (1/16, 17) Color, Browser Safe Color Chart, Transferring files to the server; FTP Instructions, Introduction to Links Meyers, Ch. 5,6; Maran Ch. 4; Email Instructor from email address where you want to receive emails; include your name and section number, and address of web site where your work will be hosted
Week 3 (1/23, 24) Links, Creating Folders in Notepad, Putting Images on Web Pages,  Finding and Using Web Graphics, alignment of text and images example Meyers, Ch. 7, Maran, Ch. 7; Download WS FTP LE  for Windows, or Fetch for the Mac, install it, and upload a web page to your web site.  
Week 4 (1/30, 31) Images Simple Linking Exercise, Meyers, Ch. 8, 9; Maran Ch. 5-6
Week 5 (2/6. 7) Tables, Uses of Tables, background images Meyers, Ch. 12-13; Maran, Ch. 8; Logo Linking Exercise
Week 6 (2/13,14) Link colors, <HR>, HTML Editors,  Website Proposal/Project, FrontPage Basics, FrontPage Exercise Maran Ch. 9;  Table Exercises
Week 7 (2/20, 21) Midterm  
Week 8 (2/27, 28) Review of Midterm, Frames  Meyers, Ch. 16; Maran, Ch. 11; Website Proposal
Spring Break No class
Week 9 (3/13,.14) Forms  Meyers, Ch. 14-15, Maran, Ch. 10; Tables and Frames Exercise
Week 10 (3/20, 21) Editing Graphics with PhotoEditor and IrfanView, Imagemaps Meyers, Ch. 10-11; Maran, Ch. 12; Forms Exercise
Week 11 (3/27,28) Animated GIFs and GIF Movie Gear Maran Ch. 15; Imagemap Exercise
Week 12 (4/3,4) Stylesheets Maran, Ch. 13-14
Week 13 (4/10, 11) Stylesheets
Week 14 (4/17, 18) Makeup day/free day -- Help with projects (attendance optional) 
Week 15 (4/24, 25) Web Site Presentations, Course evaluation
Week 16 (5/1,2) Final Website due

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