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ITE 170 Schedule - Section 001N,004,006N- Fall 2016

Revised: December 20, 2016

The schedule will be updated with links to homework exercises and additional material as the course progresses.  The most current copy of this schedule can be found www.billpegram.com. Material, including exam dates, below the X in the first column is tentative; students should not work on assignments shown below the X since the assignment will likely change.

  Week Class Topics Reading/Homework Due (more will be added as course progresses) 

Week 1
Aug 22(M), Aug 24(W)
Course Introduction, HTML




  • Chapter 1 - Felke-Morris - Internet Basics, Chapter 2 - HTML Basics - PowerPoint slides (in Blackboard)


  • starter.html - a file you can use as a start file for coding in this course
  • Use courseinformationpractice.txt to use today - rename it as .html or .htm file
  • <!DOCTYPE html>, <html>. <head>, <body>, and <title> elements
  • <h1> ... <h6>, <p>, <br>, <hr>, <blockquote>, phrase/logical elements
  • ordered and unordered lists, special entity characters (e.g. &nbsp;)
  • Showing menu bar in Internet Explorer - right click on blank area at top of screen>click on Menu Bar
  • making filename extensions visible: In the Windows search bar at the bottom left, search for Folder Options, or use the following instructions:
    Windows 7 : Open Windows Explorer (Window+E)>Hit Alt to view toolbar>Tools>Folder Options>View>Uncheck hide extensions>OK

    Windows 8: Open Windows Explorer (Windows + E)>View>CHECK file extensions

    Windows 10: Windows>File Explorer>View>Check the box next to the File Name extensions option
  • Structural elements - <div>, HTML5 structural elements: <header>, <nav>, <footer>
  • Felke-Morris, Chapter 1, 2

Week 2
Aug 29(M), Aug 31(W)


Hands On


  • Upload photo homework due
  • HTML5 Tutorial (copies will be distributed; images, CSS and tables sections ot tutorial will be done in later weeks)
  • Felke-Morris Chapter 3

Week 3
Sept 7(W), Sept 12(M)
Design, CSS

Conceptual/Hands on
  • Felke-Morris Chapter 4, Styling section of HTML5 Tutorial
  • Homework 2 due

Week 4
Sept 14(W), Sept 19(M)
CSS, Web Graphics


  • Felke-Morris Chapter 5, 9, Image and Tables Section of HTMLTutorial
  • Homework 3 due - see Blackboard


  Week 5
Sept 21(W), Sept 26(M)


  • Homework 4 due (see Blackboard for Assignment)
  • Felke-Morris Chapter 6
  • Box Model - content, padding, border, margin (DW text, p. 437-441)
  Week 6
Sept 28(W), Oct 3 (M)

  • Felke-Morris Chapter 7,8
  Oct. 5 Wednesday
  • No formal class, instructor will be in classroom to help students individually

Week 7
Oct 12 (W), Oct 17 (M)
Midterm on Concepts and HTML, CSS. Chapters 1-6 and 9 of the text - test instructions, sample multiple-choice/true false questions, terms you should understand, midsemester grade calculator)
  Week 8
Oct 19 (W)
Oct. 24 (M),


Conceptual/Hands On - Dreamweaver

Suggest not doing your 30 day trial yet; Dreamweaver is available in open computer lab - Open Computer Lab Hours

If the videos below don't work in one browser, try another browser; generally Chrome worked better for me than IE

  • Dreamweaver overview - What is Dreamweaver (1 minute video) - a tool for designers and developers
  • Learn the User Interface (5 minute video) - design, code, split, and live view; panels, property inspector
  • Property Inspector (3 minute video).
  • DW site definition in CS5 (5 minute video), CC version (5 minute video) - process is the same in both versions
  • Adding Pages to Website by right-clicking in Files panel or by choosing File>New
  • adding text, and formatting with headings, paragraphs, and line breaks
  • Edit>Preferences - to set a variety of preferences within Dreamweaver
  • Creating absolute links
  • Importance of saving a file before creating relative reference from file
  • Creating internal and external links - (5 minute video)
  • Renaming, Moving, and Deleting Files within Files panel (updating depends on proper site definition)
  • Dreamweaver FTP (requires site definition) (5 minute video) - DW puts things in the right place, preserving the folder structure if you use the arrows for uploading and downloading, but drag-and-drop does not
  • local files can appear on the left (like they do in CoreFTP) by choosing Edit>Preferences>Site
  • Inserting Inline Graphics and Alternative Text and Using CSS Designer Panel to Float Image and Add Margin - (5 minute video)-
  • Setting HTML Image Properties - most are deprecated/obsolete in favor of CSS - see deprecated list (week 3)
  • Making an Image into a Link
  • Setting default images folder in site definition (when inserting file outside of site, will automatically copy into designated images folder within site)
  • Image manipulation within Dreamweaver - crop, resize and then resample, change brightness and contrast, sharpen - all alter the image, so make a copy of your original
  • Settiing Page Properties - HTML and CSS, titling page, use of color picker (at lower right portion of panel) to get colors from other sources, specification of font-family for page, Adobe Edge Web Fonts (Missing Manual, pp. 128-133)
  • Unordered and Ordered Lists - (6 minute video)
  • Copying and Pasting in Design and Code View
  • Adding Keywords (Insert>HTML>Keywords), Description (Insert>HTML>Description) Meta Information, and Viewport (Insert>HTML>Viewport)
  • Horizontal Rules (Insert Horizontal Rule) and Special Characters (Insert>Character; see p.33 and 44-45 in Felke-Morris for the HTML)
  • Find and Replace (Edit>Find and Replace)

Dreamweaver CC: The Missing Manual -- login to your myNova account, and then click on the following link http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com.ezproxy.vccs.edu:2048/book/web-design-and-development/9781449365189/dreamweaver-cc-the-missing-manual/index_html?query=((Dreamweaver+CC%3a+The+Missing+Manual))#snippet

  Week 9
Oct 26 (W)
Oct 31(M)


  • Check Spelling (Command>Check Spelling)
  • Viewing page in browser
  • Link to Named Anchors/Fragment Identifiers (www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoIeq3PS2Es - 8 minute video) - id's are assigned in the Property Inspector and the links to those are as well, with the id preceded by a # sign, click on desired tag in Tag Selector at bottom of screen before assigning id to make sure it's assigned to correct tag, after applying the tag selector will show id, and can use dropdown menu in Link box to reuse links and Window>Tile to link into other pages
  • Image Maps (see also pp. 164-165 in Felke-Morris for the HTML) - sample royalty-free USA map - can use title attribute to provide tool tip for area
  • Email links (see pp. 58-59 in Felke-Morris for the HTML) - Insert>HTML>Email Link; Insert>Hyperlink for absolute links
  • Revisit Site Definition (Wednesday sections in particular - site folder is not uploaded, the contents of the folder are; specifying the root directory on the server
  • CSS Designer Panel (new in Dreamweaver CC) -
  • Attaching Style Sheet to File if not done at page creation - Format>CSS Styles>Attach Style Sheet
  • Intelligent Code Completion for adding CSS in Code View for inline, embedded and external stylesheet
  • Tables with DW - Insert a Table (7 minute video) - Missing Manual, pp. 269-308 - Right click Table and select Expanded Tables Mode to facilitate data entry if you don't specify a table width
Dreamweaver homework (due November 2 in Wednesday section, November 7 in Monday section)

Week 10
Nov 2(W),
Nov 7(M)

Hands On

  • Forms HTML (doesn't have new HTML5 features), Chapter 10 in Felke-Morris
  • Forms homework (due November 9 in Wednesday sections, November 14 in Monday section)

Week 11
Nov 9(W),
Nov 14(M)


CSS Transitions Panel - Missing Manual pp. 397-411
  Week 12
Nov 16(W),
Nov 21(M)



X Week 13
Nov 30(W), Dec 5(M)


Week 14
Dec 7(W)

Hands-On - Flash/Animate

  Week 15
Dec 12(M) Final 3:30-5:10PM,
Dec 14(W) Final 12-1:40PM, 7:30-9:10pm
Topics not covered or assigned Flash Short Assignment 2
Flash Assignment 3

Extra material -