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ITE 170 Schedule - Section 001N,004N- Spring 2016

Revised: May 10, 2016

The schedule will be updated with links to homework exercises and additional material as the course progresses.  The most current copy of this schedule can be found www.billpegram.com. Material, including exam dates, below the X in the first column is tentative; students should not work on assignments shown below the X since the assignment will likely change.

  Week Class Topics Reading/Homework Due (more will be added as course progresses) 

Week 1
Jan 11(M), Jan 13(W)
Course Introduction, Web Graphics
Images, Fireworks




  • Felke-Morris, Chapter 1

Week 2
Jan 20 (W), Feb 1 (M)

  • Upload photo homework due
  • HTML5 Tutorial (copies will be distributed)
  • Felke-Morris, Chapter 2
  • starter.html and create desktop shortcut for Internet Explorer
  • Showing menu bar in Internet Explorer - right click on blank area at top of screen>click on Menu Bar
  • making filename extensions visible:
    Windows 7 : Open Windows Explorer (Window+E)>Hit Alt to view toolbar>Tools>Folder Options>View>Uncheck hide extensions>OK

    Windows 8: Open Windows Explorer (Windows + E)>View>CHECK file extensions

    Windows 10: Windows>File Explorer>View>Check the box next to the File Name extensions option
  • Use courseinformationpractice.html and paste into text editor and then add html formatting
  • <!DOCTYPE html>, <html>. <head>, <body>, and <title> elements
  • <h1> ... <h6>, <p>, <br>, <hr>, <blockquote>, phrase/logical elements
  • ordered and unordered lists, special entity characters (e.g. &nbsp;)
  • Validation
  • Structural elements - <div>, HTML5 structural elements: <header>, <nav>, <footer>
  • Absolute and Relative Links, email hyperlinks
  • FTP using CoreFTP

Week 3
Feb 3 (W), Feb 8(M)
Design, CSS

Conceptual/Hands on

Week 4
Feb 10 (W), Feb 22 (M)
CSS, Web Graphics


  • Felke-Morris Chapter 5, 9, Tables Section of HTMLTutorial
  • Homework 3 due (see Blackboard for assignment)




  Week 5
Feb 17 (W), Feb. 29 (M)


  • Homework 4 due (see Blackboard for Assignment)
  • Felke-Morris Chapter 6
  • Box Model - content, padding, border, margin (DW text, p. 437-441)
  Week 6
Feb 24(W), Mar 14 (M)

  • Felke-Morris Chapter 7,8

March 14 (M), March 2 (W) Midterm on Concepts and HTML, CSS. Chapters 1-5 and 9 of the text - sample multiple-choice/true false questions, terms you should understand, midsemester grade calculator (section 4) , midsemester grade calculator (section 1)
  Mar 7(M), 9 (W) Spring Break - no class  
  Week 8
Mar 16 (W)
Mar 21 (M),


Conceptual/Hands On - Dreamweaver

If the videos below don't work in one browser, try another browser; generally Chrome worked better for me than IE

  • Dreamweaver overview - What is Dreamweaver (1 minute video)
  • Understanding the Box Model (3 minute video)
  • Learn the User Interface (5 minute video)
  • Property Inspector (3 minute video).
  • DW site definition in CS5 (5 minute video), CC version (5 minute video) - process is the same in both versions
  • Adding Pages to Website by right-clicking in Files panel or by choosing File>New
  • adding text, and formatting with headings, paragraphs, and line breaks -
  • Creating absolute links
  • Importance of saving a file before creating relative reference from file
  • Creating internal and external links - (5 minute video)
  • Renaming, Moving, and Deleting Files within Files panel (updating depends on proper site definition) -
  • Dreamweaver FTP (requires site definition) (5 minute video) - DW puts things in the right place, preserving the folder structure if you use the arrows for uploading and downloading, but drag-and-drop does not
  • local files can appear on the left (like they do in CoreFTP) by choosing Edit>Preferences>Site
  • Inserting Inline Graphics and Alternative Text and Using CSS Designer Panel to Float Image and Add Margin - (5 minute video)-
  • Setting HTML Image Properties - most are deprecated/obsolete in favor of CSS - see deprecated list (week 3)
  • Making an Image into a Link
  • Setting default images folder in site definition (when inserting file outside of site, will automatically copy into designated images folder within site)
  • Settiing Page Properties - HTML and CSS, titling page, use of color picker (at lower right portion of panel) to get colors from other sources, specification of font-family for page, Adobe web fonts
  • Unordered and Ordered Lists - (7 minute video)
  • Copying and Pasting in Design and Code View -

Dreamweaver CC: The Missing Manual -- free online at http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com.ezproxy.vccs.edu:2048/book/web-design-and-development/9781449365189/dreamweaver-cc-the-missing-manual/index_html?query=((Dreamweaver+CC%3a+The+Missing+Manual))#snippet

  Week 9
Mar 23 (W),
Mar 28 (M)



Homework 5 (tables) due

Week 10
Mar 30 (W),
Apr 4 (M)

Hands On

  • Dreamweaver homework (due March 30 in Wednesday section, April 4 for Monday section)
  • Forms HTML (doesn't have new HTML5 features), Chapter 10 in Felke-Morris
  • Project Proposal due (March 30 for Wednesday classes, Apr 4 for Monday classes)

Week 11
Apr 6(W),
Apr 11 (M)


  Week 12
Apr 13 (W),
Apr 18 (M)


  • Flash formats - ActionScript 2.0 (not present in CC), ActionScript 3.0, HTML5 Canvas, WebGL(Preview)
  • Flash Drawing tools - pencil, Ink bottle, oval and rectangle, brush
  • Flash drawing models - merge and object
  • Creating gradients
  • The Flash Timeline (5 minute video, basic)
  • Frame by Frame Animation
  • Publishing movie from Flash and Inserting swf from Dreamweaver (for Flash created in ActionScript format)
  • Onion skinning - onion_start.fla
  • Adding or Deleting Frames
  Week 13
Apr 20(W)
Apr 25(M)


Week 14
Apr 27(W),
M - need to cover in earlier session



Some training videos you may find useful
  • Atomic Learning video on Flash CS6 - ActionScripting a Scene Training - go to STUDENTS: Access Atomic Learning and after entering your username and password, search for Flash CS6 - ActionScripting a Scene Training on the Atomic Learning site
  Week 15
Monday May 2- 3:30-5:10 (Monday class), Wednesday May 4 12-1:40
Topics not covered or assigned Flash Short Assignment 2
Flash Assignment 3

Extra material -